Kitchens Victoria Showroom contactAt Kitchens Victoria, we will help you create an elegant, stylish and functional kitchen with a warm and inviting feel. Watch as your personally designed kitchen becomes the hub of your home.

Australian Owned.

  • Our Guarantee

    Kitchens Victoria guarantees its joinery against defects by design, workmanship and/or the use of faulty materials (fair wear and tear exluded) for 7 years when installed by our team.

  • Home Owners Warranty Insurance

    For any domestic building works that exceeds $16,000 in Victoria, Home owners warranty insurance must be taken out. It is by law that this insurance must be organised. Here at Kitchens Victoria, we will organise all of this for you.

  • Registered Building Practitioner

    Registered Building Practitioner

    Kitchens Victoria is a member of the Housing Industry Association Ltd (581130) and a Registered Building Pracitioner. (DB-L23804)

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Kitchens Victoria has an environmentally friendly approach, with our recycling systems in place, we are reducing waste and land fill. We also use moisture resistant E-Zero board which has ultralow emissions.